REI = Higher power or Gods wisdom

KI = Life force energy


Reiki is used to balance the bodies energy centres. Its a gentle form of therapy, which can promote the body to heal itself. It was introduced by Dr Mikao Usui, around the late 1800s. However reiki has been used in the Far East, for over the last 5000 years.

I am also qualified in reflexology so, during a reiki session, I like to include some reflexology, depending on the clients circumstances.  

Reflexology goes back thousands of years - to ancient Egypt, China and other ancient cultures. It is a holistic treatment which means it treats a persons physical, psychological and emotional being, which in return aids your overall mind, body and soul connection.

Reflexology is a system of pressure and massage on both feet. The feet represent the whole body and through applying pressure to certain areas, it can aid your overall health and wellbeing.

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Price: £40 for 60 minute appointment. Please allow at least 60 minutes for your appointment.

If you would like to book a session of reiki with me, please give me a call, text or email and we can arrange a suitable time and day.